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The Great Stone Face

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Joseph "Buster" Keaton
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Thanks for joining silentbuster
If you have not joined, you should! We have wonderful people to meet and fun entries to read.

The first ever Buster Keaton livejournal community! Up and running since December 27, 2004!

Feel free to make and post icons, write a blog about your favorite movie, tell us about your first Buster Keaton experience and just talk about anything Buster.

Unlike some communities this is a very free and open community. Just be polite to each other. I am not going to make a bunch of rules that you have to follow, like a lot of communities out there do (which I think is totally immature and lame). Just be polite and you will get respect from me and everyone else here.

If you wish to do so, make an introduction of who you are. We don't bite and we love to meet new Buster fanatics!

I am April meltederror, the creator of this wonderful community. Feel free to email me personally if you have questions about the community.

I would like to thank all of you for keeping this livejournal alive. We have been alive for over 2 years and have collected awesome Keaton memories and have met wonderful fans who have basically become an internet Keaton family. Thanks to you all again and I hope you stay with this community for as long as it exists!

Also, thank you kixxa for all your hard work going through the journal and keeping the memories of the community alive. So all of you should check out the memories section located on this profile page (under this section) for awesome pictures and other fun things that you have missed out on if you have not been a member since day 1!

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